Tom Olejnik
+48 669 336 849
(monday - friday, 10.00 - 18.00)
Posen (Poznan)
POLBOX, KKI (Krakowski Komercyjny Internet - Cracow Commercial Internet). Those two brands took my mind many years ago. Last century :) It was one of the first initiatives, where ordinary hobbyist could by his own, to build a website and publish it on Internet. Without any expense. It was my first adventure with coding, simple HTML at that time, and my first website, was for internet cafe in Szczecin. Now, over 20 Years later, I can honestly say, I'm glad for co-op with many companies and Advertising Agencies.
Real work started when I made website for KPS company from Poznan - safety articles. From this point I made couple hundreds of websites, tamplates and shops for Advertising Agencies and for my own Clients (always coding from scratch). Lot's of those projects dosn't exisit, because of huge amount of time pass. But usualy old Website was replaced by new one.
In the begining of this century I started to make websites for Trylion, company specializing in delivering complex product to Client, very polished and professional. For Trylion I made 60 small or big Websites. Trylion was also one of the first companies, which builded templates, and Clients could change content by themselfes. It was very early stage of Internet growing.
Same Years (early 2K) brings co-op with ADV, CGS, Pracownia Wizerunku Firm. Graphic Designs made by those companies and my coding alowed us to produce some very interesting websites - static and with animation (boom of the Flash technology).
Around 2005 more and more people wanted to create content by themselfes withous sending it to webmaster. That is why market create needs for real Content Management System working on SQL databases. So I build my first system. Up to this time, system was rewritten seven times. At the end of the 2015 Year, I finished the core of a new one (called LOOP), which is a solid base to countinous develope and to improve it, instead to build a new one. In Loop CMS, You can manage Your website or in Loop SHOP You can sell Your products on Internet. Loop was tested with millions of products with half billion of connections between them, and it works just fine :)